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It's been a really long time

But that doesn't mean they aren't hot. Or hawt. Or whatever the kiddies are saying these days.

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Happy Saturday!!

So it's Saturday and I've been watching Doctor Who all day. Well, not all day, I did nap. :)

Friday! Yay!

Happy Friday. I was in a very good mood earlier which was brought down a notch when I was forced to remove my hat. Hat's are not allowed in the building. My hat is going to eat the person that made up that rule.

So in honor of big gay rules


Holy Crap! Where did the

month go?? And where the hell have I been? Life has been crazy, my best friend had a baby and I'm getting written up at work and making my supervisors life a living hell and planning my birthday party [I'm just throwing that out there =) ] Yes. Well Happy very belated Valentines day to everyone and

Happy FRI....oh wait. It's Thursday.

I was so excited for just a second! Then I realized I'm in Business Casual and the daily No Fear Shakespeare calendar says Thursday. Wowza.

In honor of that and because davidishot  Made a really valid point when she stated that Daniel Craig looks wonderful in black & white.......

Friday's here. What took it so long?

I know I've posted this pic on two other communities, but I just have to share the hotness.

One day we'll all have mohawks and have knife-fights underground, which is pretty much what I've been waiting for all this time.

Of course we won't all look as attractive doing it as.....

In other totally non-related cute boy news

And of course...the Daily Daniel